Lending Materials and Providing Information

The foundation responds to requests from the mass media regarding coverage and lending images. We also respond to inquiries from the public about production techniques and other topics and provide information on traditional woodcut printing techniques.

Lending Images

We lend images of Adachi-edition ukiyo-e print reproductions supervised by the foundation as well as images showing ukiyo-e production processes, tools, etc. The images may be used for various purposes including magazines, television and commercial products.

Lending Images – Outline, Fees (PDF)

Lending Images – Application Form (PDF)

Lending Production Tools, Etc.

The foundation also lends resources that show how ukiyo-e is produced (tools, materials, production processes, etc.). These are used mainly at ukiyo-e exhibits at museums and other events held at home and abroad.

Lending Traditional Woodcut Printing Production Tools – Outline, Fees (PDF)

Lending Traditional Woodcut Printing Production Tools – Application Form (PDF)