Adachi Keeps Alive Uniquely Japanese Traditional Woodcut Printing Techniques

The woodcut printing techniques that gave birth to ukiyo-e are appreciated even today as a highly advanced technology for printing that is rarely found in the world. We are passing on these techniques to the next generation and looking to the global audience as we explore new possibilities for traditional woodcut printing techniques.

About Woodcut Printing


The result of “The ADACHI Contemporary Ukiyo-e Award 2021”

< The result of “The ADACHI Contemporary Ukiyo-e Award 2021” > Application period:     A…


The Adachi Foundation was established in 1994 to preserve the techniques of Japanese woodcut printin…

Ukiyo-e Printmaking Demonstration by Adachi’s Printer @ Tokyo National Museum will be streamed online!

Adachi’s printer presented the ukiyo-e printmaking demonstration at Tokyo National Museum and …



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Visitors can see permanent exhibits related to materials, tools and production processes of traditional woodcut printing techniques as well as works of woodcut printing supervised by the foundation.


The foundation has established a supporting member system
so that we may ask the general public to provide support for our activities.
We accept applications for membership throughout the year.

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