The Adachi Foundation announces the winners of “THE ADACHI CONTEMPORARY UKIYOE AWARD 2023”.


Application period:

July 22nd, 2023 – December 25th, 2023

Total number of applicants:

127(Japan:46, Overseas:81)


Tomio Koyama (Gallerist), Seichiro Miida (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts ), Yuji Yamashita (Professor, Meiji Gakuin University) and Isamu Adachi (Chairman, The Adachi Foundation)

See the general information at “THE ADACHI CONTEMPORARY UKIYOE AWARD 2023”

The Adachi Contemporary Ukiyo-e Award 2023, the 15th time since the event was held, had the aim of “discovering artists with potential as modern ukiyo-e artists,” and we obtained portfolios of works by individuals. This year, we also accepted applications via web form in addition to mail.
The screening meeting was held on January 26th, with all selection committee members in attendance. Based on the 127 submitted portfolios, applicants were judged on their painting styles, the results of their production activities, their compatibility with traditional woodcut prints, and their potential as modern ukiyo-e artists. After comprehensively considering the possibilities, we selected the following two people: The two winners of the grand prize and the excellence award will then begin creating new ukiyo-e prints in collaboration with modern carvers and printers. Please note that there were no honorable mention winners this time.


1st Prize: Jaime Scholnick
300,000 yen + the artist’s picture will be made as a woodcut print by the contemporary artisans and complete print will be given
2nd Prize: Hanae Nakajima
150,000 yen + the artist’s picture will be made as a woodcut print by the contemporary artisans and complete print will be given
Honorable Mention: None
50,000 yen


< 1st Prize > Jaime Scholnick




© Jaime Scholnick
Ms. Jaime Scholnick, an artist based in Los Angeles, USA, is the first winner of the first prize from an overseas applicant. A fan of Shiko Munakata, Ms. Scholnick’s work is a paradoxical attempt to express print-like expression through painting, and it was found interesting to create it with woodblock prints. In addition, Ms. Scholnick stayed in Imadate District, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, for Art in Residence from 1995 to 2000. Her knowledge and deep attachment to Japanese paper made her worthy of working with the artisans of Japanese traditional woodcut printing, which led to her receiving the award.


< 2nd Prize > Hanae Nakajima


Hana-kudari no Kyusoku


Asayake no Hana-suisou


© Hanae Nakajima
Hanae Nakajima, who has been interested in traditional clothing such as ethnic costumes and studied Japanese clothing culture at university, drew her works of beautiful women in modern costumes. The work, which was carefully drawn with a thin paintbrush and mineral pigments or acrylic on washi paper, was chosen for the award because it was expected to be compatible with the woodcut printing technique, which specializes in expressing fine lines. Just like ukiyo-e, which was like a mirror that reflected the customs and culture of the times, we look forward to the birth of 21st-century bijin-ga print that reflects the modern clothing and attire that Ms. Nakajima depicts.


<General Comment from jurors>

“The Adachi Contemporary Ukiyoe Aeard 2023” is the 15th time the contest has started. In addition to the previous application by mail, we have started accepting applications online. As a result, we received a total of 127 applications, 46 from within Japan and 81 from overseas (35 countries around the world). As usual, both mail and online applications were judged based on their portfolios in order to gain a concrete understanding of each artist’s individuality and abilities and to give them a sense of their potential as artists, as well as the charm and possibilities that can arise when they are turned into woodcut prints.

Regarding the method of promotion, we have resumed the installation of flyers and posters for public relations, and in addition to the foundation’s website, SNS, and open recruitment magazines, we have mainly used open recruitment sites in Japan and overseas. Due to the new online application process, the number of entries has nearly tripled from last year’s 47 entries, with an increase in entries from overseas in particular compared to last year, but the entries also include photographs, prints, and digital works. In the expressive medium of woodcut printing, the quality of the lines drawn by the artist is a very important element of the work. The number of applicants is expected to increase further as we plan to solicit applications online the same way we did this time. We will strive to improve the application guidelines so that applicants are aware of the importance of the quality of the lines drawn by the artist and accurate guidance for submitted works.

As the new ukiyo-e prints produced together with the award winners are widely praised by the public, the number of applications for portfolios that expand the possibilities of new woodcut expressions will increase, and this will serve as an open call for future ukiyo-e artists from all over the world. We will work hard to develop it.