Annual commemorative prints for 2023-2024 are introduced and displayed at Adachi Tokyo showroom (until the end of March in 2024)

The Adachi Foundation annually presents one completed woodcut print (Annual commemorative prints for 2023-2024) as a progress report on the foundation’s activities. Members are able to choose from woodcut prints produced during the year by contemporary artists, prints produced from newly produced woodblocks or prints produced from woodblocks owned by the foundation. The number of prints presented is one per share for individual members and five for corporate members.


Two works by the contemporary artists, Taro Sakakibara and Masaomi Kato are produced specially for the annual commemorative prints for 2023-2024. Now all 8 works of the annual commemorative prints for 2023-2024 for our members are displayed at our Tokyo showroom until the end of March in 2024!

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